Future Lion Productions Titles
a list of everything for which we have license deals in place:

Atlantide "Atlantide" CD + LP

the Baroques "S/T" deluxe editions on LP and CD of classic US psych album

Carpe Diem "En Regardant Oasser Le Temps"

Carpe Diem
"Cuelle Le Jour"

Christmas "S/T" limited LP + digipack CD reissue of Bob Bryden's rare Candian psych classic 

Combo Xingu
"Xingu" rare IRT album, from masters LP + CD

"Viva Boma" CD + LP

"Postaeolian Train Robbery"


Jean-Pierre Alarcen "Tableau No 1/same"

Kath "1" (original album) + unreleased material; speed-corrected 2xLP w/bonus material

Laurent Thibault "Mais on ne Peut"

Laurence Vanay "Les Soleils de la Vie" previously unreleased album from the mid-70's; deluxe edition with numerous bonus tracks LP + CD

Laurence Vanay
"La petite Fenêtre" previously unreleased album from the mid-70's; deluxe edition with numerous bonus tracks LP + CD

Los Jockers "Nueva Sociedad" RCA Chile LP + CD

Los Sonny's
"En TV" Alba Chile LP + CD

Lost Souls collection of legendary Cleveland band's material LP + CD

Metabolisme "Tempus Fugit"

Michael Angelo
"S/T" (Guinn Album) + "Sorcerer's Dream" + "Nuts": 2xCD set

Modern Art
"Underwater Kites" part of our new Color Tapes reissue series, digipack CD + we'll be importing the Acme LP version

Please "1968/69" digipack CD reissue in our Acme/Lion series

Rhythm Checkers (w/Groovie) limited repress on LP

Search Party "Montgomery Chapel" limited replica LP edition

Serguei "Psicodélico—1966-1975" (w/Groovie) limited repress on LP

St. Pius X Seminary Choir
"Each One Heard In His Own Language About the Marvels of God" limited replica LP edition

Tin House
"S/T" first official release of this heavy rock album, produced by Rick Derringer, licensed from Sony Music Entertainment; w/previously 
unreleased bonus tracks  LP + CD

Various "A Puissance 13 + 2" CD obscure French label Theleme comp from 1971

Yays & Nays (w/Groovie) limited repress on LP + CD

Zabu "My Coffin's Ready" CD